1 USD/EUR - Convert 1 US Dollar to Euro

1 USD = 0.9382 EUR


Stay Current With Financial Conversion of 1 USD to EUR

The world market fluctuates daily, which can make the currency converter of US Dollars to Euros change on a real time basis. Up to date apps that monitor these market changes ensure that money is never lost when it is converted. The present rate of currency exchange for USD to EUR is at 0.93823 Euro to every US Dollar.

This is , which changes the amount of value for your money when making foreign transactions. In order to always stay on top of the market, our app calculates US Dollar to Euro conversions frequently, turning your $1 into 0.94 Euros with precision and ease. This app also updates market trends hourly, with the latest changes posting from Thu, 19 Nov 2015, 03:00:02 EST.

US Dollar (USD) To Euro (EUR)
1 USD =0.9382 EUR1.0658 USD =1 EUR
2 USD =1.8765 EUR2.1317 USD =2 EUR
5 USD =4.6912 EUR5.3292 USD =5 EUR
10 USD =9.3823 EUR10.6583 USD =10 EUR
20 USD =18.7647 EUR21.3166 USD =20 EUR
25 USD =23.4559 EUR26.6458 USD =25 EUR
50 USD =46.9117 EUR53.2916 USD =50 EUR
100 USD =93.8234 EUR106.5832 USD =100 EUR
1000 USD =938.2341 EUR1065.8321 USD =1000 EUR
5000 USD =4691.1704 EUR5329.1605 USD =5000 EUR
10000 USD =9382.3407 EUR10658.3211 USD =10000 EUR
History Monday 16/11/2015 - Monday 30/11/2015
Monday 30/11/20151 USD =0 EUR
Sunday 29/11/20151 USD =0 EUR
Saturday 28/11/20151 USD =0 EUR
Friday 27/11/20151 USD =0 EUR
Thursday 26/11/20151 USD =0 EUR
Wednesday 25/11/20151 USD =0 EUR
Tuesday 24/11/20151 USD =0 EUR
Monday 23/11/20151 USD =0 EUR
Sunday 22/11/20151 USD =0 EUR
Saturday 21/11/20151 USD =0 EUR
Friday 20/11/20151 USD =0 EUR
Thursday 19/11/20151 USD =0.9382 EUR
Wednesday 18/11/20151 USD =0.9403 EUR
Tuesday 17/11/20151 USD =0.9381 EUR
Monday 16/11/20151 USD =0.9329 EUR


US Dollar to Euro 

This USD/EUR Chart lets you compare currency rate history.


USD (US Dollar) To EUR (Euro) 7 day history

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