Convert 1 BTC to USD - 1 Bitcoin to US Dollar

1 BTC = 349.2058 USD


Stay Current With Financial Conversion of 1 BTC to USD

The world market fluctuates daily, which can make the currency converter of Bitcoins to US Dollars change on a real time basis. Up to date apps that monitor these market changes ensure that money is never lost when it is converted. The present rate of currency exchange for BTC to USD is at 349.20578 US Dollar to every Bitcoin.

This is up slightly from the prior rate of 0.56547%, which changes the amount of value for your money when making foreign transactions. In order to always stay on top of the market, our app calculates Bitcoin to US Dollar conversions frequently, turning your ฿1 into 349.21 US Dollars with precision and ease. This app also updates market trends hourly, with the latest changes posting from Sun, 26 Oct 2014, 01:00:01 EDT.

Bitcoin (BTC) To US Dollar (USD)
1 BTC =349.2058 USD0.0029 BTC =1 USD
2 BTC =698.4116 USD0.0057 BTC =2 USD
5 BTC =1746.0289 USD0.0143 BTC =5 USD
10 BTC =3492.0578 USD0.0286 BTC =10 USD
20 BTC =6984.1156 USD0.0573 BTC =20 USD
25 BTC =8730.1445 USD0.0716 BTC =25 USD
50 BTC =17460.2889 USD0.1432 BTC =50 USD
100 BTC =34920.5779 USD0.2864 BTC =100 USD
1000 BTC =349205.7789 USD2.8636 BTC =1000 USD
5000 BTC =1746028.8945 USD14.3182 BTC =5000 USD
10000 BTC =3492057.789 USD28.6364 BTC =10000 USD
History Sunday 12/10/2014 - Sunday 26/10/2014
Sunday 26/10/20141 BTC =348.6352 USD
Saturday 25/10/20141 BTC =358.9203 USD
Friday 24/10/20141 BTC =363.8573 USD
Thursday 23/10/20141 BTC =385.6366 USD
Wednesday 22/10/20141 BTC =390.5233 USD
Tuesday 21/10/20141 BTC =384.6845 USD
Monday 20/10/20141 BTC =391.3336 USD
Sunday 19/10/20141 BTC =395.4523 USD
Saturday 18/10/20141 BTC =378.2266 USD
Friday 17/10/20141 BTC =382.8517 USD
Thursday 16/10/20141 BTC =400.6445 USD
Wednesday 15/10/20141 BTC =398.9854 USD
Tuesday 14/10/20141 BTC =400.3768 USD
Monday 13/10/20141 BTC =378.8131 USD
Sunday 12/10/20141 BTC =364.1951 USD

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